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    Zijin says: No demolition of Starica Mt.

    The Staraica Mountain will not be demolished because there is no ore in that part of the „north revir“ deposit and there is no intention of exploiting it from that area, as the engineers of Serbia Zijin Copper Company said during a visit of journalists to that mine.

    On the edges of „north revir“, huge rocks are visible that have been demolished so as not to injure the workers working on the lake from which the water is pumped out and returned to the copper ore flotation plant.

    Due to the blasting at Staraica Mountain and the tension between the Zijin Company and environmental activists who had been protesting for days claiming that the mountain would be demolished, the media visited the mine in search of an answer to the question of whether the mountain, which separates the city from the mine, would be demolished.

    Head of the workers Jian Heyuan said thatthe mountain would not be demolished and that the blasting was carried out only on the slopes towards the „north revir“ in order to make the area safe. „This was a serious threat to security that we had to eliminate,“ Jian explained.

    The citizens of Majdanpek are, it seems, mainly divided. They say they were not comfortable when the blasting started, and the ground was shaking.

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