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    Public call for employers presented within project „Work Through Knowledge“

    Public call for employers – Training platform for on-the-job trainings, within the eight-year partnership project of the governments of Switzerland and Serbia, „Work Through Knowledge“ was presented today at the Science and Technology Park in Cacak.

    The project Work Through Knowledge (E2E) creates preconditions for faster employment of young people, and in April this year, the fourth Public Call for Employers „Employees Tailored to Your Business“ was published, for which RSD 75 million was allocated. Since 2016, this project has helped companies to find qualified employees, and young people to find a good job, and so far, 1,678 young people have received on-the-job training, and more than 77 percent of young people have been immediately employed. 132 companies and 30 partners from the public sector and civil society participated in the training.

    „Companies that want to train young people can join the project Work Through Knowledge and they will be assisted in the selection, training and recruitment of new workers. The project provides financial and technical support to employers from targeted locations for organizing on-the-job trainings for young people seeking employment. Training sessions are intended for job seekers, with a particular emphasis on young people under 30 years of age, but not excluding other potential participants, especially from hard-to-employ groups.


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