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    Miodrag Zec

    Professor Zec compared the opening of Lidl with the arrival of the Pope

    Professor of Economics of the Faculty of Philosophy, Miodrag Zec, says that the euphoria surrounding the opening of Lidl shows that we are currently at the point in the division of labour that is not very good. The good news is that so many people got employed, but the question is how many of them will lose their jobs in small shops, Zec says for N1 TV.

    Professor Zec says this euphoria is a cultural phenomenon. „They do not go to church on Christmas in such high numbers as they went to Lidl to see how much chocolate costs… But that is our civilization,“ he says, adding that the euphoria was greater than if the pope had come.

    The professor believes that everyone is happy, but that what is coming is just the levelling of prices (for example, in Stuttgart and Belgrade), while what is expected in transition is the levelling of salaries.

    „No one asks where the rents are, where free land is… We have relocated the highway for Ikea… Where are the salaries, which are several times lower?“

    The guest of N1 TV notes that the good news is that so many people got employed, but he is wondering how many people in small shops will lose their jobs.

    Izvor: N1

    Foto: N1 screenshot

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