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    Penalties and fines are MORE EXPENSIVE than national stadium

    The state of Serbia has allocated around 280 million euros in the budget for next year for fines and penalties, the Politika daily reports.

    Apart from the fact that this expenditure attracts attention every year, because about a billion euros were spent on it in the previous decade, there are no explanations about the nature of the fines that the state pays, and with whom and why it has disputes.

    The representatives of the Fiscal Council recall that in 2010, these costs amounted to only 30 million euros, while in 2020 they reached 190 million euros. The October budget revision envisages about 150 million euros.

    The treatment of these expenditures in the budget is still unsatisfactory. By far the largest part of the payments of fines in 2022 remains unexplained.

    Expenditures for fines and penalties essentially consist of the payments for the lost lawsuits in which the Republic of Serbia was the defendant and compensation for the damage caused by state bodies. The budget for the most part does not offer any explanation regarding the nature of the fines paid by the state, the type of the disputes lost, etc., which, given that this problem has taken on enormous proportions, had to be provided, according to the Fiscal Council.

    The exceptions are the allocations for the beginning of the restitution process of 80 million euros, which are the only ones clearly indicated in the budget. The remaining 200 million euros in fines and penalties remain completely unexplained.

    „The record high allocations for fines in 2022 can be partially explained from other sources, which is neither sufficient nor precise. The government should already fully clarify what is behind this phenomenon in the revision,“ the Fiscal Council notes.

    Izvor: Politika

    Foto: Pixabay

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