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    Payment of one-time aid of RSD 10,000 to educators begins

    Minister of Finance, Sinisa Mali, has said that today the payment of one-time state aid of RSD 10,000 begins to all the employees in education and scientific workers.

    Mali told RTS TV that all the payments would be made by Friday, and today the money will be paid to the employees of schools of special interest, such as Philological High School, Mathematical High School and Karlovac High School, as well as to people employed in pupils’ and students’ dormitories.

    What will be the dynamics of the payment of one-time state aid?

    According to him, employees in higher education institutions and scientific workers will be paid on Thursday, while employees in secondary and primary schools will be paid on Friday.

    „This is slightly more than 130,000 employees in the public sector, we have allocated RSD 1.6 billion for this,“ said the minister.

    Mali added that the Serbian government would make a recommendation for local self-governments at Thursday’s session that one-time assistance should also be paid to the employees in preschool institutions.

    Earlier this month, aid to employees in social welfare institutions

    In mid-April, it was announced that the payment of RSD 10,000 of state aid for about 7,980 employees in social welfare institutions had begun.

    This means that caregivers, educators in social welfare institutions, i.e. elderly care centres, as well as employees who work on maintaining hygiene, professional associates, administrative workers and other employees can count on RSD 10,000 of state aid, Minister Mali said on that occasion.

    Mali pointed out that the state aid paid so far was an important economic measure, because the money allocated by the state was repaid to the budget, as the economic activity was accelerated and the level of consumption was maintained.

    In January, healthcare workers were paid a one-time grant of RSD 10,000.

    Izvor: RTS

    Foto: Beta/Vlada Srbije/Slobodan Miljević, BIZLife

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