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    Patriot and unifier: Vidic candidate for president of FFS

    Famous Serbian football player Nemanja Vidic has officially submitted his candidacy for the position of president of the Football Federation of Serbia.

    „Dear media representatives, I would like to inform the public of Serbia, primarily football public, that after learning that the elections for the president of the FFS have been announced, I have made a decision to run, given that I have met the condition of being a member of the Assembly and I have the support of five delegates, who I hope will not succumb to the pressure they are facing,“ Vidic said in a statement submitted to the media.

    With my presentation, I want to prevent any further speculations and make my plans clear,” said the former captain of Red Star and Manchester United.

    Elections for the president of the Football Federation of Serbia are scheduled for March 14, when an extraordinary session of the FFS Assembly will be held.

    Izvor: Politica

    Foto: Screesnhot

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