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    Part of the ring road around Zrenjanin opened: Freight traffic from the town is allocated

    Part of the ring road around Zrenjanin, in total length of 3.7 kilometres, was opened to traffic on Tuesday. While opening that section, the Serbian Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Tomislav Momirovic, said that the ring road is crucial for the allocation of all freight traffic from the town, lower emission of harmful gases, and development of industry.

    According to him, the construction of the fifth sector, in total length of four kilometres, will commence in the spring. This is the last section of the ring road. With its completion, all freight traffic will be moved from Zrenjanin.

    Momirovic stated that the goal of the Serbian government is for Zrenjanin to be an industrial centre, not only of Vojvodina but Serbia as well.

    He also said that this is exactly why the multi-decade investments are coming to an end. The plan is also to start the construction of the Belgrade-Zrenjanin-Novi Sad highway.

    „We won’t stop until we do that.“ We owe this to the citizens of Zrenjanin and that is our mission,“ said Momirovic.

    The most expensive building on the route of the bypass was also built on the completed section – the bridge over the Begej River, the first that Zrenjanin got after three decades, as well as two roundabouts.

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