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    Wizz Air

    „Operating model must change if external environment does not support it“

    Over the past few years, the aviation industry has been in big trouble: the coronavirus, shortage of employees, and then the war in Europe. All these problems have led to a reduction in the number of passengers, and, therefore, in profit.

    At the moment when the recession is being talked about in Europe, an airline company managed, according to its director, to take advantage of the situation, and this boldness was rewarded by the users of their services. Their business grew to 130% compared to European aviation, which today operates at around 90% of capacity.

    Director and founder of Wizz Air, Jozsef Varadi, is called the most important man in Central Eastern Europe, and this claim is confirmed by the fact that the Forbes magazine has named him one of top 100 most successful Hungarians who achieved their success independently.

    Exclusively for the readers of BIZLife, Jozsef Varadi shares his recipe for success and the ultimate business advice, while also talking about the problematic situation on the aviation industry market and how the leading airline company in Europe, but also in the world, is coping with this situation.

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    Foto: Unsplash

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