Novosti daily: Petroleum products rise in price again

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    Novosti daily: Petroleum products rise in price again

    Instead of the announced price drop at gas stations in Serbia, petroleum products are rising in price again. This time, price change is explained by low water levels, which have affected the increase in costs.

    More than a month ago, it was announced that the prices of fuel in Serbia would “drop” because “all the conditions” for that had been met. Instead of cheaper prices, the prices of petroleum products went up again at Serbian gas stations! This time the price increase is explained by the low water level of the Danube, which has affected the increase in transport costs, reports the Vecernje novosti daily.

    Increases in price are not high, RSD 0.50 to RSD 1 per litre, but since such a practice, “of minor price changes” has been common in the last few weeks, after the spring price increase of ten or more dinars, it is clear that drivers are outraged.

    Deputy Chairman of the Serbian Association of Gas Stations, Bora Tatic, says that there is no rational explanation for the increase in prices.

    Izvor: Večernje novosti

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