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    The state is selling 31 commercial and residential properties

    The state has offered its property to buyers, and prices are more than favourable, the Vecernje novosti daily reports.

    The State Property Directorate has announced the sale of a total of 31 properties, including the halls that are sold „in the package“ with the land. The offer is very diverse: from Subotica and Belgrade to Nis and Pirot, commercial and residential properties are offered.

    Buyers, both natural persons and legal entities, must pay a deposit and send an enclosed bid. Based on a simple principle, the owner will become the one that offers the highest price, the Novosti daily reports.

    The prices of the offered real estate are expressed in euros, and they are calculated based on the official middle exchange rate. Commercial property can be bought for 280 euros per square meter, which is the price of a commercial property offered for sale in Leskovac.

    In Belgrade, it can be bought at the price of 1,059 euros, which is the price offered for a commercial property in Vozdovac, up to the price of 2,486 euros in Vracar. Residential property is estimated at a lower level. Thus, in Leskovac, an apartment can be bought for 280 euros per square meter, in Belgrade for 832 euros, in Novi Sad for 772 euros…

    The most expensive commercial property is sold in Belgrade

    The commercial property of nearly 40 square meters, located on the ground floor of a building in Cara Nikolaja II Street at the centre of Belgrade, near the famous Kalenic market, is offered for sale by the state at a price of 98,691.87 euros, based on the middle exchange rate. That is 2,485.94 euros per square meter, the Novosti daily reports.

    Izvor: Večernje Novosti

    Foto: Pixabay

    Piše: T. K.

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