Nis Airport: As if nothing has happened (at least for now)

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    Nis Airport: As if nothing has happened (at least for now)

    On August 9, Nis Airport was officially transferred to the state, and it got a new director. These major changes, in all likelihood, should not affect the already established flight schedule or the price of fees. At least for now…

    Director of the Constantine the Great Airport in Nis, Dusan Knezevic, said today that all the air routes from that airport would remain in the winter and in the summer period, and that it was not realistic for airport fees to be increased. All the routes will remain until the end of the winter season and until the next summer season, Knezevic said for the public broadcaster Radio-televizija Srbije (RTS).

    He added that the companies flying from that airport had contracts valid until 2021 and 2022.

    “There are contracts, thus such plans (to increase airport fees) are not realistic in this period. As long as the contracts are valid, these fees will remain the same,” Knezevic said.

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