Mali: If I make a mistake, hang me at Terazije Square

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    Mali: If I make a mistake, hang me at Terazije Square

    Today, at Hilton Hotel in Belgrade, the American Chamber of Commerce organised a working breakfast with Minister of Finance, Sinisa Mali. During the discussion, the issues were raised of the deadlines within which some important regulations were adopted, as well as the participation of entrepreneurs in defining the regulations. The Minister gave a firm promise on that occasion.

    “If I make a mistake, hang me at Terazije Square.”

    The Minister also promised that tax policy would be predictable and that businessmen would know precisely how much they were paying for taxes. In October, the government will work on the law that will precisely determine all the fees. According to him, businessmen do not mind the fees themselves, but rather their unpredictability.

    “Every once in a while, a local self-government makes up something new. This will not be the case anymore. The Law on Fees will be discussed by the government in October,” Mali said.

    As one of the priorities, the minister identified reduction in income tax.

    Nevertheless, he asked businessmen for understanding. “We cannot do everything right away”.

    The Minister also promised the reform of the Tax Administration, which should be completed in 2021. During the discussion, Mali often asked his assistant Dragan Demirovic for confirmation of the legal deadlines and the progress regarding new regulations. The echo of the name “Dragan…” was heard repeatedly in Hilton.

    The Minister was in a hurry to get to the meeting with the representatives of the IMF, where, as he told reporters, one of the main topics would be an increase in pensions. Mali also informed the reporters that the concessionaire of Nikola Tesla Airport, the French company Vinci, would pay the concession fee by the end of the year. The concession contract will be publicised after this payment. According to earlier announcements, the payment of the concession fee was expected in September.

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