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    Nezavisnost: 40,000 leased workers lost their jobs

    At least half of the approximately 80,000 workers who have been leased since 1 March, and the entry into force of the Agency Employment Act, have lost their jobs until today, according to unofficial estimates, the trade union Nezavisnost announced.

    As it is pointed out, the unions foresaw the disastrous effect of the abovementioned law last year, when, during its adoption, they unsuccessfully insisted on eliminating all the perceived threats to the rights of employees through agencies, and that especially referred to the salary, the right to a sick leave, vacation, and occupational safety, transportation and other employment rights.

    Unfortunately, it turned out that the fears that the law would serve only employers, especially those who burden their employees with all their business failures, were justified, the article says.

    During the epidemic, due to the drastic decline in economic activities, but also due to loopholes in the law, ingenious agency intermediaries quickly switched to a less risky group for them – youth and student cooperatives, claims the Nezavisnost trade union.

    Izvor: N1, FoNet

    Foto: Pixabay

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