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    NEW VIRUS confirmed in Serbia, PREVENTION MEASURES introduced

    The presence of the bird flu virus was confirmed in dead swans on the territory of Zemun municipality, in Borca and at a location in Kovilovo, the Veterinary Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture has stated and passed Decisions determining measures to be implemented in the infected area affected by this contagious disease of wild birds, in order to combat it and prevent it from spreading.

    This is a sub-type H5N8, found in wild birds, and the presence was confirmed in swans that died on the territory of Zemun on October 1 and in Borca and Kovilovo on October 6.

    As stated, the Veterinary Administration has passed Decisions that determine the measures to be implemented in the area infected and compromised by this contagious disease of wild birds, in order to suppress and prevent its spreading.

    „In accordance with the Decision, the infected area is considered to be an area of at least three kilometres in radius, and the endangered area is a circle of at least 10 kilometres in radius from the locations where the dead birds were found,“ the Administration stated.

    It is stated that avian influenza (bird flu) is not transmitted from sick and infected birds to humans, but it can cause significant economic damage if transmitted to domestic poultry.

    Prevention measures include active and passive monitoring, control of poultry health in potentially risky areas near water surfaces with wild birds, confinement of poultry in facilities, prevention of contact between wild birds and poultry and raising biosecurity and hygiene measures on farms.

    Izvor: Mediji

    Foto: Pixabay

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