NEW DEADLINE for application for FISCALIZATION SUBSIDIES as of March 15

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    NEW DEADLINE for application for FISCALIZATION SUBSIDIES as of March 15

    Serbian Finance Minister Sinisa Mali announced today a new deadline for applying for state subsidies for fiscalization, that is, the transition to a new fiscalization model, which will last from March 15 to April 5, so that all the persons subject to fiscalization who have not previously applied can receive state assistance.

    “At the session of the Government of Serbia, a decision on a new deadline for applying for subsidies for the procurement of fiscal cash registers will be adopted tomorrow. The deadline for registration runs from March 15 to April 5 and I invite everyone who did not apply for subsidies to do so now,” Mali said during a visit to the hairdressing salon “Master Klas” in Belgrade, in which a new cash register was installed.

    There is money for subsidies for fiscalization, it will be paid on time

    He added that there was money in the budget for subsidies, that everything was paid precisely and on time and that this would be the case with all those who applied in the coming period.

    “As of May 1, all those who will be subject to the new system have to comply with the rule that they must have new fiscal cash registers and devices and that they must operate completely according to the new system,” Mali recalled, adding that all of them can choose from 200 software and hardware solutions.

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