Neighbours are preparing radical changes: BANNING OPERATION ON SUNDAYS and closing by 9 pm

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    Neighbours are preparing radical changes: BANNING OPERATION ON SUNDAYS and closing by 9 pm

    In addition to intending to ban the operation of stores on Sundays, except for 16 Sundays a year, the Government of Croatia, by amending the Law on Trade, plans to limit the operation of stores until 9 pm at the latest.

    This is evident from the proposed amendments to that law, published on the e-counselling portal, where it is stated that retail outlets should mostly be closed on Sundays and on public and religious holidays, and that the working hours of the sales facilities are determined by the trader in the periods from Monday to Saturday starting no earlier than six o’clock and ending no later than 9 pm, Novi list reports.

    According to the valid provisions of the same law, it is prescribed that the vendor independently determines the working hours of stores and other forms of retail facilities, taking into account the needs of customers, the number of workers and employees in the store, and respect for their rights under laws and collective agreements.

    So far, retail chains have had stores opened until 10 pm or even 11 pm, and some malls have also been opened until 10 pm. Even corner shops were opened until later.

    If the Parliament adopts the Government’s proposal, it means that all stores will have to be closed after 9 pm. Those prescribed working hours will have to be observed even by those to whom the ban on working on Sundays does not apply, meaning traders that will be able to work every Sunday of the year.

    Izvor: Novi list

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