30,000 VOUCHERS for a holiday in Serbia went like hot cakes - distributed in 2.5 hours

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    30,000 VOUCHERS for a holiday in Serbia went like hot cakes – distributed in 2.5 hours

    Posta Srbije has said that in less than two and a half hours, the third batch of travel vouchers for a subsidized vacation in Serbia was distributed at the counters of that company.

    “In less than two and a half hours, all 30,000 applications for subsidized vacations in Serbia were received, whereby the entire third batch of vouchers worth 5,000 per voucher was distributed,” the statement reads.

    In the first two cycles of this year, a total of 120,000 vouchers were distributed by which the state subsidizes citizens’ holidays in domestic tourist facilities.

    Registration for the third, additional amount of 30,000 vouchers started this morning at the counters of all 1,307 corporate post offices in Serbia, where citizens submitted filled in applications, with accompanying documentation.

    The last application was registered at 10.28, at the post office 31000 Uzice.

    Posta Srbije has been actively participating in this project of the Government of Serbia from the very beginning, since the summer of 2015, providing full support and contributing to efficient implementation.

    In addition to recording, Posta is also in charge of delivering vouchers in the form of insured letters to home addresses.

    Users can call the Contact Centre of Posta Srbije at 0700 100 300 to get information about the status of their applications and the conditions for the use of vouchers.

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