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    NBS, kamatne stope

    NBS – which bank fees must not increase in price for citizens?

    The National Bank of Serbia (NBS) has reached an agreement with the banks that they will not increase the price of payment services in the next year. This refers to fees for maintaining a current account, transactions, and card issuance.

    Darko Stamenkovic, Director General of the Sector for Control of Bank Operations at the National Bank of Serbia, stated with RTS that 14 banks, which increased their prices of services, responded to the central bank’s call to reduce fees by 30 percent.

    Darko Stamenkovic said that, due to the announcement of certain banks on increasing fees and prices for their payment services, the NBS undertook a series of activities – both in drafting regulations and in communication with banks in order to protect citizens’ standards.

    It is stipulated that this measure refers to payment services, such as fees for maintaining a current account, transactions in e-banking and m-banking, issuing cards, and approval of the overdraft.

    He points out that one of the key decisions made at the session of the Executive Board is the adoption of a minimum package of RSD 150.

    „Within that basic set of services is the maintenance of RSD account in the bank, free cash withdrawals in banks and ATMs, free debit card, mobile and e-banking service that also enables an unlimited number of transactions. „As for banks that charge orders through electronic or mobile banking, citizens who decide to use a basic account will have a 30 percent discount compared to the lowest price of that order in the bank’s tariff list,“ says Stamenkovic.

    Izvor: RTS

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