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    National stadium construction begins in two months

    In two months, the construction of infrastructure around the future National Football Stadium will begin, between Novi Beograd and Surcin.

    This was announced today by President Aleksandar Vucic. He said it would be a major new development project.

    “We will build a state-of-the-art, open, transparent stadium, which will be covered and decorated with a lot of greenery. It will be able to receive 52,000 viewers and it will be one of the most beautiful in the world, not only in Europe. We will soon start the construction of magnificent stadiums in Kragujevac and Nis,“ Vucic said.

    He also stated that stadiums in Leskovac, Zajecar and Loznica would soon be completed, and that everything was being built according to UEFA’s standards.

    “We are also building a national volleyball centre and a national martial arts centre. We will soon start to build many swimming pools as well,“ the president added.

    Price EUR 418 million

    The latest estimate is that for the National Stadium, which was supposed to cost 150 million euros 3.5 years ago, will cost 418 million euros by 2025.

    According to the assessment of the impact of the spatial plan of the special purpose area of the national stadium presented in the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure in October 2021, the entire complex is planned to cover 114 hectares in Surcin near the bypass around Belgrade, between Surcin-South loop and the Ostruznica loop.

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