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    More than 1,000 cameras in Belgrade, petition against biometric surveillance launched

    A group of individuals and organizations gathered around web portal launched an online petition, asking the Serbian government, the Serbian Parliament and other competent bodies without delay to ban the use of biometric surveillance technology, as it endangers the rights and freedoms of citizens in public.

    In the text titled „Don’t film my face“, initiators of the petition demand full transparency from the Ministry of Interior about the purchase and price of this technology and use of the system consisting of thousands of cameras on the streets of Belgrade.

    As it is stated, the campaign for banning mass biometric surveillance in public spaces in European cities was launched in a coalition with the European Digital Rights Network (EDRi) and number of European and world organizations.

    As they add, smart face recognition cameras are positioned on the streets of Belgrade without the participation of the public, without talking about consequences that total surveillance can have on our society.

    „The installation of the system has been carried out in violation of the Constitution and laws from the very beginning. The police refuse to reveal details of the system and how much it costs Serbian citizens. The full list of locations where cameras are installed is not published as well. Citizens. However, organized themselves and by using hashtag #hiljadekamera they have so far listed 1,001 cameras at 469 locations in Belgrade,“ the petition said.

    Izvor: BIZLife

    Foto: Pixabay

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