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    MORE EXPENSIVE as of June 1: This will be the price of Soko high-speed train

    From June 1, the train ticket for the Soko train from Belgrade to Novi Sad will cost RSD 400 in one direction.

    There is still the option to buy a ticket with an additional 5% discount if you choose to buy the ticket online. In that case,the price will be RSD 380.

    „We will not allow a high increase in prices of the Soko train, but rather implement a gradual increase in prices,“ the press release says.

    At the same time, a monthly ticket is introduced for Regio trains that stop at all stations. They allow pupils, students and employees to travel cheaper than before. In that case, the price of a ticket will be RSD 6,874.

    For those travelling to work, special monthly tickets are introduced – even cheaper

    Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Tomislav Momirovic has announced that from June 1, a train ticket will cost RSD 400, which is an increase of RSD 100.

    „For everyone who goes from Belgrade to Novi Sad, and also for all the people who use regio trains and for people who use trains to get to the workplace from Banovci, Pazova, Zemun Polje, Indjija, we are introducing special monthly tickets that will be even more stimulating and even cheaper,“ Momirovic said.

    As a reminder, due to the high interest of passengers, the promotional period for train tickets between Belgrade and Novi Sad was extended until May 31. This applies to Inter City “Soko”, Regio Express “Soko” and regio trains.

    The price of a one-way ticket for the 1st and 2nd class is currently RSD 300. Children under the age of six who do not require a special seat will be transported free of charge.

    Izvor: Blic/RTS

    Foto: Beta, Pixabay

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