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    Fiat rejects trade union’s demands, out of four workers, three are redundant

    The Fiat company in Kragujevac believes that out of 2,016 employees, there are 1,541 redundancies, and the employees will be offered only two options – to go abroad for two years or to leave the factory with a social welfare program.

    This is the message after the meeting of the company’s management and the Independent Trade Union, which was urgently convened and at which the company’s representatives did not adopt the trade union’s objections.

    The trade union was offered a social welfare program with a list of workers who are redundant and the program was also submitted to the National Employment Service.

    The trade union points out that the list of 1,541 redundant workers includes the president of the representative trade union, his deputy and the members of the Board of the same trade union.

    „We urge the Prime Minister to warn Fiat not to invite workers before the meeting with her, scheduled for Monday, May 30, in order to present the offer to them. We expect the mayor of Kragujevac, who has stated that the city and the state will not allow the dismissal of workers, to take the necessary actions, to thwart the intention of the Fiat company,“said the trade union.

    They urged workers not to decide on Fiat’s offer until Monday, when the meeting with the Prime Minister will be held.

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