More and more jobs, fewer and fewer candidates: Significant DEFICIT of craftsmen

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    More and more jobs, fewer and fewer candidates: Significant DEFICIT of craftsmen

    The fact that the economy has recovered to a large extent after the outbreak of the pandemic and experienced growth in 2021 is also evident based on the data of the employment portal Infostud where last year the number of job advertisements increased by as much as 61 percent compared to 2020.

    In the previous year, employers mostly advertised vacancies in the areas of Trade/Sale, IT, mechanical engineering, administration and transport, but when we talk about specific positions whose number was the highest in 2021, these are Salesman, Driver, Warehouseman, Salesman and Telephone Operator.

    The wishes of the candidates do not differ much from the offer itself, so jobs were most often sought in the areas of Trade/Sale, Administration, Transport, Logistics, Call Centres, but also IT. There was the highest interest in the positions such as Salesman, Administrative Worker, Driver, Warehouseman and Business Secretary.

    Every year, there is more and more talk about the growing shortage of staff on the labour market in our country. In addition to the unavoidable IT sector, the lack of workers on the market is also experienced by all those who are looking for candidates with secondary education, especially in craft occupations.

    There are fewer and fewer hospitality workers, so the most sought after profiles are chefs, waiters, but also kitchen assistants, while on the other hand there is a shortage of hairdressers, car mechanics, carpenters and cleaning staff.


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