Devastating data on sale of electric vehicles in Serbia

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    Devastating data on sale of electric vehicles in Serbia

    In Serbia, 30,416 new cars were sold in 2021, which is 16 percent more compared to the annual level from 2020, but only about 50 electric vehicles were sold in the same year.

    This is what president of the Serbian Association of Vehicle and Spare Part Importers, Milan Belin, said, emphasizing that the past year was very challenging when it comes to selling new cars in Serbia, but that the situation is similar at a global level.

    Belin said that about 4,000 new vehicles were sold more than in 2020, noting that the results would have been better if, in addition to the pandemic, there were no problems with the shortage of vehicles on the market in Serbia.

    When it comes to the most popular cars on the domestic market, Belin pointed out that in the past year, there was the highest demand for the models of Fiat and Skoda, followed by Renault, Toyota, Volkswagen, while Dacia is ranked sixth in terms of demand.

    “Premium brands Mercedes and Audi have their permanent clientele. Premium cars record a very good level of sale, which has been at the same level in the last ten years,” notes Belin.

    He said that about 1,200 Mercedes cars, about 600 Audis and 250 Land Rovers were sold last year, while about 800 buyers opted for a BMW.

    Izvor: Euronews, Tanjug

    Foto: Pixabay

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