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    „Morava“ already employs, but without job ads?

    The enterprise „Aerodromi Srbije“ will employ in the first stage around fifty people at the „Morava“ airport, which should be prepared for the first civilian flights by the end of June.

    Ladjevci based airport near Kraljevo, according to promises of state officials, should become the third international airport in Serbia until St. Vitus Day. This also implies new employment, and according to announcements of the „Aerodromi Srbije“, which will manage „Morava“, around 50 people will be employed in the first stage, and around additional 150 in the second.

    Director of the National Employment Service (NES) branch office in Kraljevo Snezana Prelic says that employer’s job registration application was submitted last week for 26 positions, and a total of about 50 employees are required.

    Thirteen out of twenty-six jobs require highly educated personnel. Candidates from technical, technological, IT, economic and faculties of law are requires, mainly at positions of managers, security, fire fighting and rescue services, operations manager and human resources, Prelic states. Candidates with high school diploma can apply for jobs in cargo service or for positions of transport workers, warehouse operators, etc. Three times more candidates have applied so far, i.e. around 150 candidates.

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