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    Tomislav Momirović, rekonstrukcija Pančevca

    Momirovic: We will connect Prokop central railway station with subway

    Serbian Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Tomislav Momirovic said today during a subway tour in Lyon that Belgrade subway would not be fully complete unless it was connected to the Prokop central railway station.

    „I am immensely proud of the fact that Belgrade subway project was started with our French partners. We are trying to determine how they managed to connect their railway station „Prokop“ with the city subway. This is certainly one of the challenges that we must solve together on this challenging project,“ Momirovic said.

    The subway in Lyon is very similar in structure and size to future Belgrade subway. It is 32 kilometres long and has four lines.

    „Belgrade subway will return up to 20% of energy to the system, which is extremely important for saving energy and money. This will further address the issue of ecology and healthy living environment in the capital. The first line will have 28 trains with three wagons each transporting 435 people,“ the Ministry of Construction and Transport said in a press release.

    In Lyon, Momirovic met with Olivier Bouvart, CEO of Egis. This company is engaged in the construction of Belgrade subway.

    “The subway is always a key investment for economic development. I express my full commitment to the success of Belgrade subway project with the deadline of 2028,“ Bouvart said.

    He noted that building the subway in the Serbian capital was one of the biggest projects in Europe over the next decade.

    Izvor: Beta

    Foto: Beta/AP, Pixabay

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