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    Situation gets worse as we go south: Citizens of a municipality in the south earn LEAST in Serbia

    The citizens of Bojnik earn the least in Serbia, and in almost all the municipalities in the south, salaries are below average.

    The average April salary at the national level of RSD 73,012 was not reached by as many as 34 of the 35 municipalities and cities in southern Serbia, according to the data of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia.

    Earnings are above average only in the Municipality of Medijana in Nis, where they amount to RSD 80,096, while the lowest income in the south and in entire Serbia is registered in Bojnik – RSD 49,315.

    In the south, the highest salary is in the Nisava District

    The highest average salary among the districts in the south is in Nisava District – 67,019 dinars, followed by Pirot District, where it is RSD 66,574. They are followed by Toplica District with 57,300, followed by Pčinja District, where employees earn an average of 56,179 dinars per month.

    As in previous months, the lowest average net salary in the south was 55,377 dinars in the Jablanica District.

    According to the Office’s data, the citizens of Nis earn an average of RSD 70,518.

    After Medijana, in the Nisava District, in April, salaries were the highest in Pantelej (66,513) and Palilula (64,389), and lowest in Svrljig (50,599), Razanj (50,819) and Merosina (51,718).

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