Ministry supports RELOCATION of an entire village because of Zijin

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    Ministry supports RELOCATION of an entire village because of Zijin

    Assistant Minister of Mining and Energy Dejan Milijanovic has said, after the rally of locals of Krivelj, that they support the request of the residents to relocate the entire settlement due to mining activities.

    “Residents of Krivelj presented their request to the Ministry to relocate the entire village, and not just one part. Now, we are working with the Town of Bor and the company Zijin Copper on solving this problem in a way that will primarily satisfy the residents of Veliki Krivelj,” said Milijanovic.

    “With the opening of the new mine Cukaru Peki, the mine will have a better prospect to increase production, to employ more people, along with better living conditions and greater environmental protection, which will ensure the completion of the smelter and the application of the highest environmental standards in the new mine,” claims Milijanovic.

    Residents of the village of Krivelj, near Bor, known for the fact that mining activities have reached some houses, protested last year with a demand to relocate the entire settlement to an adequate, ecologically controlled area, which does not have to be in the Bor area.

    The village is surrounded by the mines of RTB Bor, and the locals complain about the daily blasting, especially since it was taken over by the Chinese Zijin. About 400 households remain in the village.

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