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    Minister of Culture hints resignation?

    The Minister of Culture and Information Vladan Vukosavljevic has stated that every day he thinks about resignation.

    „Every day I think whether I should resign or not. Not because of the pressure, odium or support, but every day I question my work and effects of my engagement. A man, when working as a public officer, must always question himself, whether he provided the proper answer and when is the right moment for important decisions,” Vukosavljevic has said in his interview with the new issue of the “Nedeljnik” newspaper.

    He has made this statement in an interview with the “Nedeljnik” newspaper, when asked what kind of epilogue he expects after criticizing reality programs in Serbia and engaging in an argument with the owner of Pink TV station, Zeljko Mitrovic.

    Minister has stated that it is will be just fine if he is to be deposed from this position. “Deposals represent an integral part of politics,” Vukosavljevic has added.

    Izvor: Nedeljnik

    Foto: youtube

    Piše: B.M.

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