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    Minister about health system reform: Return of doctors to smaller towns and higher salaries

    Minister of Health Danica Grujicic has said that the health system reform must include the return of trained personnel to the smaller towns in Serbia, increasing doctors’ salaries depending on the results and place of work, creating lists of age structure by health institutions and equipping health centers with more modern equipment.

    “We need to employ young doctors and guarantee good salaries and a chance for advancement. For all those who were employed during the covid period, jobs will be secured, but they will probably be employed in smaller towns, and the situation is the most critical in intensive care units,“ said Grujicic, as a guest on RTV1 TV.

    She pointed out that citizens had lost confidence in the health care system and that covid had only contributed to this, and she noted that it had to be returned through evidence-based medicine, but also that the media played a big role in this.

    According to her, a huge amount of equipment has entered Serbia, and the first step in health care reform will be the training of young doctors.

    She reiterated that she believed that the coronavirus had come out of a laboratory, because the natural virus would not have behaved the same with changes in temperature and climate, adding that vaccines were effective in that the vaccinated had milder symptoms if they got ill.

    “The situation is the same now with smallpox. The MMR vaccine is a good vaccine, especially for male children, because it prevents long-term consequences such as sterility,“ Grujicic said.

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