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    EXCESSIVELY EXPENSIVE OFFERS: Procurement of chargers for electric buses in Novi Sad fails

    Novi Sad will have to repeat the tender for the construction of a charger for electric buses because the first procurement failed.

    In the tendering process that has just been annulled, the value of which was estimated at 15 million dinars, two bids arrived, which were significantly higher, which is the reason for the suspension of procurement.

    A group of bidders Energotehnika-Juzna Backa and Geotehnika from Novi Sad offered the price of 23.9 million dinars, while Struja and AB & CO offered to do the job for 21.4 million. In addition, the second group of bidders did not submit an appropriate bank guarantee.

    The procurement is expected to be repeated, as chargers are necessary for the ten new electric buses, due to arrive soon, to have a charging point.

    Two chargers should be installed at the turnout area in front of the Railway Station, as well as on the roundabout at Bulevar Jovana Ducica.

    Electric buses will be used on the route of five city lines.

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