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    Mayor of Bor: Chinese „FILLED“ town budget

    From RSD 1.8 billion, which was the budget of the town of Bor in 2018, when the company Zijin became the majority owner of RTB Bor in December, the budget has increased to three billion this year.

    According to Bor’s Mayor Aleksandar Milikic, next year, based on projections, the town budget will reach RSD 4 billion, which means new, higher investments in the town.

    The number of the unemployed registered with the NES in the past three years has decreased from six and a half to three and a half thousand, which is a huge step forward, said Aleksandar Milikic at a recent press conference in the town hall, emphasizing that most of the citizens of Bor, around two thirds, were employed in Zijin, and the rest were employed mainly in the companies that cooperated with this company.

    According to him, the good business results of the companies Serbia Zijin Copper and Zijin Mining contributed the most to the improvement of the standard in Bor.

    The average salary in Bor, not counting Zijin, in 2018 was around RSD 53000, while in 2021 it is RSD 74500.

    In this company, the average salary increased from RSD 68,000 in 2018 to RSD 98,000 and it has a further tendency to grow, and that is reflected in the town budget, as it was stated on this occasion. A much higher town budget, RSD 4 billion next year, as Mayor Milikic said, „allows us to do everything we have started“.

    Significantly higher investments in communal infrastructure, education and social protection will have a favourable effect on increasing the standard and improving living and working conditions in the town of Bor and the surrounding villages, according to the authorities.

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