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    Matijevic BOUGHT one of five LARGEST OIL MILLS in Serbia

    The Matijevic agrar company became the majority owner of the Mirotin group from Vrbas through its company MPZ Agrar, the Agrosmart portal reports.

    The Mirotin Group’s portfolio includes the Banat oil factory in Nova Crnja, Sava Kovacevic from Vrbas, the Mirotin Tisa mill in Savino Selo, the Ecka fishing farm in Lukino Selo, the Dana dairy in Vrbas, the Agrovojvodina komercservis company in Novi Sad and the Agrimaks company in Vrbas.

    In addition, as of today, Matijevic also manages the companies Mirotin energo, Mirotin vet, Mirotin invest from Vrbas, as well as the company Mirotin Montenegro from Podgorica.

    The Banat oil mill in Nova Crnja is present on the market with its main product – „Cvet Banata“ (Banat Flower) oil, and the raw material sector is mostly in this part of Vojvodina. It is one of the five largest oil factories in Serbia, along with Dijamant from Zrenjanin, the oil mill in Sid, Vital from Vrbas and Sunce from Sombor.

    The Sava Kovacevic agricultural company is one of the former largest agricultural complexes. It was founded in 1946, and now owns approximately 4,000 hectares of land, about 50 hectares of orchards, a cow farm and a fattening cattle farm.

    Ecka Pond is one of the oldest fishponds in Europe, where fish production began in 1891, and covers an area of about 2,000 hectares.

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    Foto: Pixabay

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