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    Ivanusa expecting over 5,000 new cases a day in September

    The director of the World Health Organization’s office in Serbia, Marijan Ivanusa, says that he does not have a „crystal ball“, but that he thinks „it is clear to everyone that things will continue to deteriorate“ and that he expects that the number of new infections per day will double, maybe increase even more.

    „The situation is bad and I expect over 3,000 new cases on a daily basis next week, and in mid-September even more than 5,000, which will be a great burden on the healthcare system”, Ivanusa states.

    „I call on all people to adhere to the measures that have been valid so far – regular disinfection, wearing a protective mask and keeping a distance, and vaccination and vaccination,“ Ivanusa said on Dan uzivo program on N1 TV.

    When asked how to convince people to adhere to the measures, having in mind that there is a noticeable major relaxation among people, he points out that „it is difficult over the summer, people think about vacation“.

    „Even before the summer, I warned that people should not forget about Covid, regardless of where they go. No matter what measures the Crisis Staff introduces, think for yourself, take care of your health and protect yourself as much as you can“, Ivanusa advises.

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