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    Many tourists and no one is infected: Place in the region where there is NO CORONAVIRUS

    The Croatian island of Lastovo has 760 inhabitants and since the beginning of the pandemic there has been no confirmed case of the coronavirus infection.

    A report of Slobodna Dalmacija reveals a rare epidemiological situation on the island of Lastovo during the entire previous period of nine months of covid-19 presence in Croatia.

    According to the head of the Crisis Staff of Lastovo, they have no explanation about why they do not have any case of the coronavirus.

    We had a busy summer, a lot of tourists, life is the same as in all the other areas. There are people who violate the measures and those that observe them, there is no other, special behavior that we practice in our community. We are the same as the rest of the world. We are a closed environment, the summer that has just passed, from a tourist point of view, was successful. Maybe we have stronger collective immunity,“ Hropic commented for Slobodna Dalmacija.

    The report also cites a comment by one of the biggest businessmen on the Lastovo Island, Marcelin Simic, the owner of a restaurant and a marina in which, as he said, there were up to 30 yachts anchored this summer:

    „There are few people on the whole island of 50 square kilometers. There are 50 kilometers of water area around us, our whole island is one big self-isolation. Care was taken when going ashore, on the ferry and a catamaran. Each of us really takes care about who we stand with then and how we behave. We take care of each of the neighbors and every person on the island. Because when I take care of my neighbors I take care of all of my relatives and myself.“

    Izvor: Slobodna Dalmacija

    Foto: Pixabay

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