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    Mali tells market vendors: Fiscal receipts are obligatory and that is it

    Market vendors who sell consumer goods are obliged to use new e-Fiscalization and they must have fiscal receipts, said Finance Minister Sinisa Mali, on the occasion of today’s protest of market vendors.

    „In this regard, it is necessary to distinguish between those who sell fruits and vegetables that they have produced themselves, i.e. individual agricultural producers that are not subject to e-fiscalization and they should not have their own fiscal registers by law. Those who need to introduce fiscal registers at market stalls and market stores are those who sell consumer goods,“ the minister said after a tour of the Tax Administration’s control centre, from which taxpayers’ operations in the new e-fiscalization system will be monitored.

    As he further stated, a few days ago, there was a disputable situation.

    „If I am not mistaken, it happened in Pancevo. Carcinogens were found in Domestos, which was sold at a market. If you want to sell goods, there must be some regulations. That means that you must have input, output, a fiscal receipt. There can be no justifications such as “the weather is bad, snow, sun…” We can work on working conditions, but we cannot question the fiscal system, said Sinisa Mali.

    He further stated that „all these goods were disloyal competition to those who work according to the law“.

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