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    Siniša Mali, BDP

    Mali: Serbia’s public debt will be 53-54% of GDP by the end of this year

    Serbia’s public debt will not grow and by the end of this year it will have reached 53% to 54% of gross domestic product (GDP), which is below the EU level from Maastricht of 60%, Serbian Finance Minister Sinisa Mali said today.

    „The share of public debt in GDP in February this year was 50.8 percent. Serbia is far below the EU average, which is about 95%,“ Mali said at the Kopaonik Business Forum.

    He pointed out that the public debt relative to GDP was still below 60%, as promised, despite the assistance of more than nine billion euros that the state gave to the citizens and the economy on three occasions during the covid crisis.

    He added that this year a deficit of 3.3 percent was planned, namely that 1.9 percent would be „core deficit“, in agreement with the IMF, and 1.4 percent would be a reserve if the crisis continued, so that the state could react in case of emergency.

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