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    Mali: Next year AVERAGE SALARY will be at least EUR 670

    Minister of Finance, Sinisa Mali, has announced that on September 22, pensioners will receive EUR 50 of state aid, while with all the increases, the average salary next year will be EUR 670.

    As a guest on Prva TV, Mali revealed exclusively that in November, all citizens would receive EUR 30, and in December 20 euros more, while at the beginning of next year, pensioners would get additional RSD 20,000.

    He also talked about earnings in the country, as well as about the recent meeting of the Social and Economic Council.

    „We had a meeting of the Socio-Economic Council and the numbers show that we are moving forward. We came out with a proposal that the minimum wage from January should be RSD 35,012. The minimum wage is growing three times faster than the GDP, Mali said, pointing out that the minimum price of labour and the coverage of the consumer basket were growing rapidly.

    He expressed his belief that by the end of 2023, the minimum consumer basket and the minimum wage should be equal.

    „With this increase in the minimum wage, the increase in salaries and pensions in 2022, we will have an average salary of at least EUR 670,“ the Minister said, adding that with such an economic policy within the plan of Serbia 2025, there was a real possibility that the average salary would be even EUR 900.

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