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    INVESTIGATION in Zijin: Chinese director KICKED engineer

    The Chinese Zijin company has announced the launching of an internal investigation into the incident during which the director of the Smelter, a Chinese citizen, kicked engineer Nenad Jankucic.

    The company also said in a press release that director Lan Shicong had apologised to Jankucic and his family and that the apology had been accepted.

    The incident took place on August 23 at the Bor Smelter, and the moment when Lan Shicong kicked Jankucic unprovoked was recorded by video surveillance cameras.

    The reactions of the „Nezavisnost“ trade union and the union of the smelter ensued, demanding a punishment for the director of the smelter, and the case was reported to the police as well.

    A press release of the Zijin company states that on August 26 they received a letter, in which the unions reported „uncivilized behaviour“ of the Chinese manager towards Jankucic.

    „Please allow me to express to you my most sincere apology regarding the uncivilized behaviour in the field and to express the feelings of guilt and remorse for causing pain to you and your family“, he said, explaining that „for personal reasons“ he does not understand „well enough“ the cultural habits in Serbia.

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