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    Not a single dollar of the Chinese investment will go to the Serbian budget

    The money that the Chinese company Zijin Mining will invest in the Mining and Smelting Complex (RTB) Bor will not go to the budget of Serbia.

    „Not a single dollar of the total of US$1.46 billion, which is the value of the Chinese bid for RTB Bor, will be paid to the budget,“ the Government of Serbia unofficially confirmed for the Politika daily.

    The newspaper says that the state can obtain money from the transaction for RTB Bor only on the basis of the repayment of debts to state creditors.

    The Serbian government has unofficially said that the state will not be a guarantor for the loans that Zijin Mining will take in order to realise the business plan.

    Izvor: Politika, Beta

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    Piše: B.M.

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