LIGHT at 45 meters’ height: RSD 11 million for flag mast at Gradina

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    LIGHT at 45 meters’ height: RSD 11 million for flag mast at Gradina

    The Republic Property Directorate has announced a tender for the construction and installation of a 45-meter high flag mast at the Gradina border crossing, for which, according to the documentation, they are ready to pay RSD 11 million.

    According to the tender documentation, the mast should carry a flag 6 meters long and 10 meters wide, and it will be illuminated, as it is written, “in a way so that the flag can be recognised in night-time conditions”.

    The shorter end of the flag goes along the body of the mast. The mast must be able to withstand wind speed of 23 m/s, with ropes for attaching a flag and with a hoisting mechanism. The device for raising and lowering the flag should have the possibility of lowering and raising a flag of approximately 250 g/m2, to a height of 45 meters, according to the tender documentation.

    The company that gets the job of installing the new flag mast will have to replace the existing one, which is 12 meters high, and also get the approval of the Ministry of the Interior to do this.

    A concrete foundation for the flag mast will also be set, and the price includes all the works on the land, carpentry and concrete-related works, as well as the installation of an anchor basket and the installation of a galvanized strip for grounding the mast.

    The deadline for submitting bids is October 18.

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