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    Kosovo DOES NOT RECOGNIZE Serbian passport

    The Directorate of Kosovo’s Border Police has made a decision not to recognize Serbian passports when citizens enter the territory of Kosovo and Metohija, RTS finds out at Kosovo Police. According to decision of the border police, entry ban does not apply to people who own an ID card and a birth certificate for children with a photo. The border police made this decision without consent of the Kosovo Ministry of Interior and without the usual public disclosure procedure. Such measure of the border police, which is effective as of Monday, will affect citizens of Central Serbia traveling via Kosovo to Albania, Montenegro, and owning only a passport as an identification document. Police stated that this measure is in line with the Brussels Agreement of 2011 which, however, does not prohibit the use of a passport as the only document for free movement. Several families with children and people who owned only a passport of the Republic of Serbia were denied pass at administrative points between Kosovo and Metohija and Central Serbia.

    Izvor: RTS

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