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    Young people are leaving, retirement limit is increasing: What will happen to PENSIONS?

    The increasing departure of young, work-capable citizens and the increase in number of pensioners in Serbia begs the question of future of our pension system. Two scenarios worry many – whether the pension system they are now investing in will exist in the future at all and whether they will be forced to take measures, such as the Romanian law, according to which young people have an obligation to aid the elderly. Around 1.7 million pensioners are currently living in our country, while according to some estimates around 30,000 young people leave the country every year. Today, one needs to work 3.4 years more until retirement opposed to stats nine years ago, and the very weakness of the pension system, along with increased emigration, results in longer work years of the current employees, „Blic Biznis“ reports. Many wonder whether the pension fund will even exist until the moment when they reach a „magic“ retirement limit, and it has increased on number of occasions in the last couple of years. Thus, men are currently retiring at the age of 65, while women have to work up to 62.5 years of age. The limit for women retiremen will be shifted by three to six months in the next period, thus ladies in our country will retire at the age of 65 as of 2032. Although the relationship between workers and pensioners is currently worrying, economists say Serbia is not „specific and lonely“ in this problem. They say that certain changes are needed, but there are also several ways to maintain stability. Some of the solutions include arrival of a new workforce, the aforementioned increase in retirement age, as well as young people’s assistance to elderly, „if it can be legally controlled“.

    Izvor: Blic

    Foto: Pixabay

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