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    Kopernikus is only the first in a row of Telekom’s cable operators

    CEO of Telekom Srbija Predrag Culibrk has announced that a few more cable operators will soon be owned by this company, and that the company expects a net profit of 14.5 billion dinars.

    In an interview with the Blic daily, he said he could not reveal the names of the operators, and that it was all done within their development strategy called „Million Plus“, which means reaching a million TV and Internet users in the upcoming period.

    „For this project, we have also set up a special team led by (Director of the Commercial Affairs Department of Telekom) Vladimir Lucic. In addition to the acquisition of cable operators, we also invest significant funds in optical access infrastructure… Currently we are focusing on investments in the TV content, which is one of our pillars because of the development of multimedia services in the future,“ said Culibrk.

    He pointed out that they would implement the program of voluntary leaves from the company, in which, according to him, the elderly employees are most interested, who are offered EUR 900 per year of service.

    In relation to the discussion in the public about the acquisition of the operator Kopernikus, Culibrk said that „the competition showed serious nervousness and fear“ and that for the acquisition they hired „one of the 4 biggest consulting companies, which estimated the framework for the acquisition at more than the achieved 195 million years“. Culibrk sees the allegations that this price was too high for the sector of telecommunication services as „malicious attempts to discredit Telekom“.

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