Kon files CRIMINAL charges because of ANTI-SEMITIC graffiti (PHOTO)

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    Kon files CRIMINAL charges because of ANTI-SEMITIC graffiti (PHOTO)

    Epidemiologist and member of the Crisis Staff, Predrag Kon, has said that criminal charges have been filed against those who wrote anti-Semitic and threatening graffiti on the wall of the building in which he lives. Kon decided to take this action, as he says, because he has to defend his honour.

    Personal criminal charges were filed because I am defending my honour, Dr. Kon emphasized.

    “It is the destruction of me personally, and at the same time the destruction of trust in the entire Crisis Staff. Someone has to understand that criticism is very necessary in these situations, however, there are certain limits after which this becomes a call for lynching. I do not feel threatened, and I do not have the time to feel that way.”

    Since that evening, so many people have approached me and thanked me, offering their support. I received a letter of support from the US ambassador. I have the support of colleagues, the Serbian Medical Association, the former commander… People who think that the Crisis Staff has no support are wrong, Kon told the Kurir daily.

    Namely, the inappropriate graffito did not appear only on the wall of the building where the epidemiologist lives. A similar graffito was written in the underground passage below Terazije.

    Izvor: Kurir

    Foto: Screenshot

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