Kon: Belgrade "almost" reached a COLLECTIVE IMMUNITY

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    Kon: Belgrade “almost” reached a COLLECTIVE IMMUNITY

    Epidemiologist Predrag Kon stated that almost 40 percent of residents of Belgrade are vaccinated and we “almost” reached a collective immunity.

    “If this declining trend of newly infected people and increase in those vaccinated continues, as far as Belgrade is concerned, I am very optimistic, and the situation is similar in Novi Sad,” Kon stated with RTS.

    Kon, who is also a member of the Crisis Staff of the Serbian Government, assessed that vaccination is “the most important measure” that affects the course of the epidemic.

    “In relation to the world, we really have a chance to succeed. Our goal is to lower the number of newly infected people in all towns and for people to understand that the vaccine is the only way out. They can choose, either the virus or the vaccine, there is no third option,” Kon said.

    Asked what measures could be considered at the next session of the Crisis Staff, Kon said that no new measures should be introduced, but there should be no reliefs as well.

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