Brnabic talked to moms: The Prime Minister promised to consider requests

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    Brnabic talked to moms: The Prime Minister promised to consider requests

    Representatives of the associations “Centar za mame”, “”, “Srbija u pokretu” and “Roditelj” spoke today with Prime Minister Ana Brnabic and representatives of the Ministry of Labour about requests they made earlier, which refer to the amended Law on Financial Support to Families with Children to be fairer for women who work and plan offspring.

    Those four associations, among other things, requested in the “Bravo for moms” petition a fairer calculation of salaries for postpartum women in accordance with the number of months during which they worked, so that no woman has a lower compensation than the minimum wage.

    They believe that no woman during maternity leave and child care for one year, when she receives compensation, should have that compensation lower than the national minimum wage and the accounting period should encompass 12 months, instead of the current 18.

    They point out that the amendments to that law must enable moms who are entrepreneurs to have the same rights as other employed moms, as well as the calculation of salary compensation for those who have higher incomes than three average salaries, and which are few in numbers in Serbia, to be fairer.

    In a video address on the Facebook profile after the meeting, they pointed out that they were satisfied with the fact that the Prime Minister listened to them and promised to consider their requests and financial aspects of that law in more detail.

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