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    Insurance companies GIVE UP on more expensive automobile liability policies

    Insurance companies have decided to give up on the new prices of automobile liability policies, on the recommendation of the governor of the National Bank of Serbia, Jorgovanka Tabakovic, says the Association of Insurers of Serbia.

    This means that the prices from Friday, August 26 will be restored to the levels that were valid before the beginning of the month, eliminating a 22% increase.

    At the beginning of August, the compulsory car insurance policy went up, and one of the main reasons for the new prices was the increase in the price of spare parts.

    The situation changed after three weeks, so the Association’s website states that insurers are supporting the fight against inflation and returning old prices.

    By doing so, insurance companies are joining the efforts that the NBS and the governor are making to curb inflation, for the benefit of Serbian citizens and to preserve their standard of living.

    Supporting such a policy of the NBS, insurance companies are abandoning the new car insurance prices despite all the arguments in favor of the increase in price and they are returning them to the level of July 2014, the statement said.

    They also invite other car market participants to follow the example of insurance companies and to contribute together to preserving the standards of Serbian citizens and alleviating inflationary pressures.

    As a reminder, higher prices also led to an increase in the price of car registration by several thousand dinars, depending on the vehicle model.

    The price of the compulsory insurance policy last changed on July 1, 2014.

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