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    Region needs workers: Cadez wants easier import of labour force

    The common problem of the economy of the Western Balkans region is a shortage of labour force, so the Chamber Investment Forum (CIF) will renew initiatives towards the governments of the states to simplify the import of labour force, said president of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Management Board of CIF, Marko Cadez, during a visit to the businessmen of Tesanj.

    „In solving the common problem of labour force shortages, we will once again address our governments in the region, with the initiative to simplify procedures when it comes to importing the labour force that we currently need,“ Cadez told Tanjug.

    Cadez recalled that additional training and the development of dual education were being worked on, but these were solutions that the economy could not wait for, because in the meantime jobs would be shut down without enough workers.

    „Our second initiative is to launch as soon as possible the labor force market, not only within the framework of North Macedonia, Albania and Serbia initiative, but also for the others to join so that they can benefit, because the problem is the same everywhere,“ he said.

    Cadez stressed the importance of the talks on shortening supply chains, as more European companies were looking for suppliers who could produce for them in the region.

    „We have agreed on joint co-operation and the first step is the Interconnect Summit in Belgrade at the end of September, where more than 30 European customers from the IT, automotive, metal and electrical industries, and food production will come,“ he said.

    Izvor: Politika, Tanjug

    Foto: Pixabay

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