Inspectorate CLOSES Chinese recycling factory near Zrenjanin

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    Inspectorate CLOSES Chinese recycling factory near Zrenjanin

    The Environmental Protection Inspectorate in Zrenjanin has temporarily banned the work of the Chinese recycling factory in Perlez due to complaints from citizens about pollution, Deputy Mayor of Zrenjanin, Sasa Santovac, has told the Beta agency.

    “This morning at 9.30 o’clock, halt in operation was ordered until these problems were resolved. The inspectorate noticed that there were certain deviations based on the report that was written, and a decision was made with the goal of the investor eliminating all the irregularities that the inspectorate had recorded,” he said.

    Santovac said that the Water Inspectorate and the inspectorate of the Provincial Secretariat for Agriculture and Forestry were in the field, and that a report was expected from them, adding that the Chinese investor had received the notification and that he would act upon that notification.

    “They are aware of the problem, and the desire is to work together on a solution. Every job post is in our interest, but we also want to preserve the environment and respect all the measures, and that is how we will function,” said Santovac.

    In the explanation of the decision, the inspectorate said that the order for extraordinary inspection supervision was given after 70 citizens addressed them with complaints related to the appearance of unpleasant odours caused by the operation of the plant for storage and treatment of waste plastics.

    The inspectorate said that the Chinese investor was temporarily banned from performing the technological process of extrusion and granulation of ground plastics, as well as from operating the devices for the treatment of waste gases from waste plastic treatment plants.

    The ban will apply until the submission of test results proving that there is no harmful effect on the environment, i.e. until the efficiency of the emission reduction plant or device is examined.

    Izvor: Beta

    Foto: Pixabay

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